The ANC® Radar Friendly
Perimeter System

Airports, Railroads, Highway Systems and More

As the need for airport safety and security increases, AMICO has the answer. Airports throughout the globe are searching for perimeter systems that won’t interfere with radar – ANC hits the mark. One limitation at many sites is ground clutter from fixed targets such as fences, buildings, and power lines. ANC has been tested and found it can be advantageous for use with different radar bands eliminating “clutter” received by radar with aircraft near metallic perimeter fencing.

Passenger and Freight
Rail Infrastructure
Amico Secura Fence System

Securing Hazardous Materials

Protecting the nation’s passenger and freight rail infrastructure is not an easy task. With passenger trains running on a schedule and freight railroads transporting hazardous materials a key part of any security plan is securing the right of way.

Another area of concern is when and where the rail cars are loaded, unloaded and waiting to be moved to their destination. AMICO Secura Fence System was designed for this level of security in creating the deterrence and delay in breaching the barrier to gain access to the rail right of way. AMICO solutions for rail security have been working as intended for decades.

Shipping Sector
Keeping our ports and waterways safe and secure
Airports and Aviation Sector

Port security is an essential part of the safe, secure, and competitive operation of our maritime transportation system. The goal of port security is to establish an environment in which trade may be conducted efficiently and freely with an assurance of not being compromised by criminal or terrorist activities.

The importance of controlling the physical access to the port facility, its warehousing and cargo, is paramount. The modular nature of AMICO Secura Fence allows for the seasonal change in freight and traffic while maintaining the desired level of security.

The Transportation
Sector System Advantage
Securing Transportation Infrastructure

Homeland Security and Department of Transportation

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation are designated as the Co-Sector-Specific Agencies for the Transportation Systems Sector.

The nation’s transportation system quickly, safely, and securely moves people and goods through the country and overseas. AMICO Secura Fence System has performed, as intended, to secure all forms of transportation of passengers and freight.