AMICO Security Mesh™
A Secure Barrier

Security Mesh combines the strength of steel and the element of surprise. When installed using AMICO Secura Clips Security Mesh provides a barrier that is virtually impossible to penetrate.

AMICO ASM panels and patented clips can be attached to either metal or wood framing in walls, floors, and ceilings.

AMICO Secura Lath®
Physical Barrier Solutions

AMICO ASL is the physical barrier solution for plaster ceilings in correctional facilities.   Introduced and first patented in 1997, AMICO ASL is a heavy-duty security lathing substrate for plaster ceilings that has no equal for penetration resistance.   It is fabricated from 0.060-inch thick carbon steel that is expanded to form a diamond pattern much like that of diamond mesh lath.

  • When plastered with Portland cement or high strength gypsum plaster, it provides a superior barrier to penetration
  • ASL sheets are 27″ X 97″
  • Kraft paper that is perforated and vinyl coated on one side is attached to Secura Lath®. The perforations and vinyl coating aid in curing the plaster. This paper also offers resistance and therefore affords better keying and economy of plaster.
  • Made from one sheet of steel that will not unravel when cut and in fact requires up to 144 individual cuts to make a 2’ x 2’ hole.