The Amico
Secura Fence System®

The Secura Fence® System, AMICO’s patented fence system, has provided physical perimeter security for over 20 years. AMICO developed the use of expanded metal mesh guard against unwanted intrusion by cutting, climbing or tunneling under.

  • One rigid solid sheet that is difficult to cut
  • Offer mesh patterns requiring 144 individual cuts to make a two square foot hole
Amico Secura Fence
Multiple Applications

Manufacturing Facilities, Stadiums, Multi-Purpose Fields, Universities

The ASF system can be incorporated into projects where detection and impact resistance are required.

  • Allows for free movement of air, light and good visibility through the fence
  • A formidable barrier that provides the delay, detection, deterrence and ample response time by authorities

AMICO Secura Fence
Multiple Applications
  • Mesh patterns with smaller diamonds that prevents fingers and tools to pass through
  • Diamond designs that are very difficult to cut, climb or crawl under
AMICO Secura Fence
Multiple Applications
  • Construct as a new fence or retrofit an existing chain link, palisades, welded wire and ornamental iron fences
  • Intended for Medium and Maximum security applications