AMICO Secura Mesh® Cage and Partition System
Modular & Stackable

The AMICO Secura Mesh Cage and Partition System will meet your security requirements offering the added advantage of being easy to assembly while providing strength, visibility and ventilation.

  • All welded construction
  • Variety of mesh styles that are tough and extremely difficult to cut
  • Heavy-duty hardware is accessible only from the inside of the partition
Cage and Partition System
AMICO Secura Mesh® Cage and Partition System
Welded Construction Framework

The ASM Partition System is modular, stackable and made of all welded construction framework. Partitions infill panels utilize Secura Mesh that is made from a sheet of steel that is simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, open mesh design making one continuous sheet that, if cut, will not unravel at the strands.

  • Numerous options for doors, locking devices and ceilings
  • All installation hardware is included
  • Clean and neat appearance

AMICO Secura Mesh® Cage and Partition System
Simple or Complex Floor Designs

The partitions are fabricated in sizes to fit the simplest to the most complex of floor designs without jobsite cutting or welding.

  • Easy to assembly, modify or reposition
  • Good visibility from both inside and outside and permits free passage of light, heat, air, and sound