The Energy Sector
System Advantage
Secura Fence & ANC Perimeter Systems

AMICO’s combination approach to energy security takes into consideration both safety and security. Secura Fence is the proven solutions for substations providing a formidable barrier to intrusion and ultimately the theft of copper wire.

ANC Non-Conductive fencing creates a safety barrier protecting all from the sudden and unplanned occurrences of electrical shock.

Non-Conductive Perimeter System
Power & Energy Sector

Substations, Nuclear Plants, Transit Stations

Power and energy companies throughout the world are becoming increasingly aware that ANC is the best solution to eliminate unforeseen occurrences related to touch and step potential. ANC can help to insure that power employees who work around electricity are able to work in a safer environment.

Many substations are in highly populated areas. With the increased demand for aesthetics, ANC’s superior look and appearance is becoming widely specified.