The Corrections Sector
System Advantage
AMICO Secura Fence

Prison and correctional facility sites are an obvious application for reliable perimeter security fencing. Correctional facilities have a long history of hardening their perimeters to keep people from escaping.

Superior Perimeter
Protection and Solutions
AMICO Secura Fence

Correctional Facilities

Other problems exist such as contraband coming from outside the facility. Given the large size of the perimeter to secure, it is difficult to stop individuals from approaching from the outside and cutting holes in the fence or throwing contraband such as pre-paid cell phones, drugs and weapons.

A Variety of Choices
To Best Fit Your Needs
AMICO Secura Fence

AMICO Secura Fence with its varied mesh opening sizes, diamond shapes and options in fence height can minimize the potential for escapes and introduction of contraband into the facility.